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Bando Maternity Band

SALE BandO Maternity Band by Emma Jane

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BandO Maternity Band by Emma Jane. Don’t want to give up wearing you favourite jeans and tops? – then we may have the perfect solution! Whilst it’s easy to undo the top button on your jeans, you can’t lengthen your tops, and the BandO hides the gap that your tummy makes as it grows (although we’d recommend a flexibelt as well if you have a really big bump – stops your trousers falling down ;-).

The BandO Maternity Band is also pretty handy after your baby is born, as you wait to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes



Features of the BandO Maternity Band by Emma Jane

–  Fibre Content: 90% Cotton 10% Elastane
–  The BandO Maternity Band lets expectant mothers use their regular clothing for maternity wear.
–  Allows expectant mothers to buy non-pregnancy fashions, which would otherwise be too short to wear.
–  Gives comfortable, gentle support.
–  Suitable during most stages of pregnancy and after baby is born, until regular clothes fit again.

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