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Underwired Maternity Bras

Relatively new to the market, underwire maternity bras are THE hot new trend in maternity lingerie. The new generation of soft underwires including Supa-Lite Underwire, Flexi-Fit and Supple-Fit bras have come to the rescue of all us girls who just can do without our wires to keep us perky. Previously the advice was not to wear standard underwires for pregnancy because of soreness and milk-duct blockage. These new bras have super-soft wire designed not to dig in and cause problems but if you’re still a bit worried about underwired maternity bras then take a look at the revolutionary technology used in bras such as the Bliss Nursing Bra which cleverly avoids these problems with their flexi-fit channel. And if you’re still confused – read our new article “Can I wear a underwire bra when I’m pregnant”.

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