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Emma Jane Maternity Bras

Emma Jane Maternity Bras. Truly specialists, with over 25 years experience, Emma-Jane use their expert knowledge to create maternity bras that are perfect for the new generation of mothers. They are renown for producing top-quality bras at great prices and have used their award winning nursing bra to create a new generation of seamless nursing bras (361 and 365) and a sleep bra (342). Emma Jane are a fabulous choice for fit right up to a H cup.

Our advice: As Emma-Jane are maternity and nursing specialists, you can wear ANY of their bras as maternity bras (they use the same fit and technology) – but the added advantage is that they cater for those of use who don’t want nursing clips on our maternity bras, so they’ve produced a maternity only bra. This superb value sports and soft cup style maternity bra (371) really hits the spot for the budget conscious and makes a great addition to your pregnancy lingerie collection.

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