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New Look for Maternity in 2015

The New Look for Maternity – Seamless Trumps Traditional in Bra Design

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, most women looking for a maternity or nursing bra were confronted by this:

Older style maternity bras from the 90s and Noughties

Older style maternity bras from the 90s and Noughties


Large structured soft bras with multiple seams, nylon fabrics and wide chunky straps. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve fitted these bras over the years, and they really did the job, some of them are old favourites of mine and they certainly gave a super fit. On the downsides, there were a lot of panels, a lot of seams (sometimes uncomfortably so) and one heck of a lot of fabric in them!

Enter a whole New Look for Maternity!

Over the last 5 years, more and more companies have started using high tech knitting technology to experiment with fabrics that stretch in multiple directions. These bras have brought a whole new look and style  – with seamless cups and underbands that stretch to accommodate size changes.

The first one I was aware of was made by top maternity wear designer house ‘Noppies’ from Amsterdam. This was a one piece bra with knitted sections that was super smooth under clothes and really worked for smaller bra sizes. Inevitably more followed and Bravado really hit the spot when they launched the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra, often called the ‘Silk Seamless Bra’ in a variety of colours. Our customers started to tell us that here was the ‘perfect’ type of bra, and then we knew that this new look in maternity bras were here to stay!

New Look Maternity Style

Maternity Bras – A New Look for 2015


Since then, Emma Jane Maternity have launched their whole ‘New Generation’ range, with their 361 and 365 seamless bras gathering rave reviews from new mums – and late last year they added to the range with cotton rich versions. Over at Carriwell their range has a maternity bra and drop cup seamless nursing bra, as well as the same items in an organic fabric. Bravado have taken one step further, reducing their range of more traditional maternity and nursing bras, and replacing them with the sweet pea and confetti bras, again with these ‘new look’ seamless maternity bra designs.

These new bras are great for comfort, they don’t have seams where they are likely to rub and cut in, and the fabulous new knitted fabrics stretch with you so you may only need one bra size to see you through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Leigh Martin, Maternity Bra Fitter