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Emma Jane Maternity

We quiz Ian Gerecht, Owner of Emma Jane Ltd, The UK’s Top Maternity Bra Brand


FHTM: So Ian, how long have you owned Emma Jane and what started you off in business selling maternity bras?

Ian : My father had a manufacturing company making nursing bras, but in 1968 he fell ill. At that point I gave up my accountancy career and joined the family business. My father’s business was sold in the early 80’s and I started Emma-Jane some years later.


FHTM: If you had to pick from your products, which would be your favourites?

Ian:  Our knitted maternity/nursing bras. Reviewers constantly write how great they are. We now have cotton rich versions too. 


FHTM: What do you think Emma Jane Bras offer to women that other brands don’t?

Ian: We ensure all our bras are designed to adapt to changes in breast size.  Also, our bras are superb quality and exceptionally good value for money.


FHTM: Everybody’s very pro-breastfeeding these days. do you think women are more demanding now when it comes to their nursing bra styles?

Ian: Definitely. Women today demand that their nursing bras are both attractive and comfortable.


FHTM: How has the Internet affected maternity and nursing bra sales at Emma Jane?

Ian: The change has been dramatic.  Women are buying their nursing bras from shops around the world. In addition, through reviews, they are receiving useful advice from nursing mothers living thousands of miles away.


FHTM: Emma Jane Maternity has innovated a lot in recent years with new bra structures and styles – anything new on the horizon?

Ian: Yes. But it has to stay hush-hush at the moment…(and he wouldn’t even whisper a hint to me).


More info on Emma Jane…..

Emma-Jane is undoubtedly the UKs favourite maternity brand. With over 25 years of experience in designing and fitting maternity and nursing lingerie and clothes, what they don’t know about the subject isn’t worth knowing!

The Emma-Jane maternity collection now includes: maternity soft bras, nursing bras, sleep bras, lingerie, tights, support belts, breast pads, bra extenders, nightwear, swimwear and tops and they have now added underwired nursing braswith Supa-Lite underwires for an even wider choice.

The award winning Emma-Jane collection is wear-tested by expectant and nursing mothers and is recommended by hospitals and clinics throughout the world.