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Cold Cold Monday Morning – Maternity Tights to the Rescue!

We are resisting Christmas here,and focusing on the cold snap due to arrive for Winter 2014. Our 80 denier maternity tights are flying out of the door and I must admit that although it’s 10 years since my last pregnancy – I find wearing the tights backwards under my jeggings keep my little legs nice and warm throughout the day (luckily some of us have a generous bottom to fill the ‘bump’ part).

maternity tights - purple

80 denier maternity tights


Also for all those Bravado fans out there, did you know Bravado are withdrawing the Essential Nursing Tank Top, The original nursing bra and the Allure bra as well as other products for 2015 – we have them in our Bravado Sale until the end of this week, so get them while you can guys.

Bravado Bra

Goodbye to the Allure Bra