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Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Review

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was one of the first fully knitted seamless bras to be launched in the UK and still holds it’s own now that seamless bras are common place. But how does this bra compare in terms of style fit and price these days? This R.R.P. of this bra is just under £30, one of the most expensive seamless bras, so I’m looking for considerable advantages


As a fitter, my primary concern is getting the correct support – especially during pregnancy and nursing where breast are changing shape, can be sore or tender, and even changing cup size between feeds. Non-wired bras are the standard recommendation for pregnancy and nursing, and although I don’t 100% agree with this, the Body Silk Seamless has no wire and no seams in the cup, so the comfort level is very high

The Body Silk bra is very well constructed, with a wide knitted ribbed underband giving support to the smooth knitted cup above. Not all seamless bras have quite such a definition between cup and underband, and I feel this feature gives a better shape to the bra when worn. It also avoids the “boob sausage” I’ve seen with a lot of cheaper alternatives – the cups separate well.

The fabric of the cup is very closely knitted, so allows for plenty of stretch without losing its shape, and the seams are solid and stylishly finished with a satin look. I also like the wide band that goes from the cup around under the arms to the hooks at the back. Again, a wide row of hooks’ along with an extra expander and well finished seams means this bra should give good support dig in and scratch like some others can. The fabric stretches easily so chnages in shape throughout the day whilst nursing isn’t an issue.

Style and Fashion

The Bodysilk Bra also has integrated pads (which are removable) and smooth out the look of the bra and hide nursing pads to prevent leaks or provide comfort for sore nipples. These pads have changed shape recently and the newer shape gives an overall improved look to the bra when worn.

Bravado issue new fashion colours each season – so the style element is catered for too – and I like the low front cleavage, which makes it look stylish, rather than ‘sports bra’ style and some of the others on the market. I’d say this, and all other seamless bras are extremely comfortable every day pregnancy and bras rather than a hot fashion accessory to peak out of your cleavage!

My Ratings for the Body Silk Seamless

Finish/Quality: Bravado’s a top quality brand 10/10
Support: Medium Level 8/10
Fit: Excellent Comfort Fit, Lots of Stretch 10/10
Style: Nice colours and Low neckline 8/10