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Inspirational Pictures of Breastfeeding Mothers, Babies & Toddlers

Lovely to see breastfeeding mums being captured so beautifully by photographer Ivette Ivens. Of course we all know that this is an idealised view of how breastfeeding is in reality, beautiful mums and gorgeous babies – but the essence shines through, that breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and acceptable, just as it has always been.

Cold Cold Monday Morning – Maternity Tights to the Rescue!

We are resisting Christmas here,and focusing on the cold snap due to arrive for Winter 2014. Our 80 denier maternity tights are flying out of the door and I must admit that although it’s 10 years since my last pregnancy – I find wearing the tights backwards under my jeggings keep my little legs nice and warm throughout the day (luckily some of us have a generous bottom to fill the ‘bump’ part).

maternity tights - purple

80 denier maternity tights


Also for all those Bravado fans out there, did you know Bravado are withdrawing the Essential Nursing Tank Top, The original nursing bra and the Allure bra as well as other products for 2015 – we have them in our Bravado Sale until the end of this week, so get them while you can guys.

Bravado Bra

Goodbye to the Allure Bra

Breastfeeding – A Quick Survival Guide to the First Six Weeks!


With the new arrival you will need some time to learn your feeding technique! Breastfeeding
is a learning process for both you and your baby so here are a few things to keep in mind
in the first few weeks….

Think of a large marble……

This is roughly the size of the newborns stomach. With this in mind, your baby needs to eat
at least every 2-3 hours. If you have concerns about producing enough milk to keep up with
the demand, don’t. What you baby takes, your body makes!


Yes, breastfeeding may hurt and cause sore nipples in the first few days but it should not
hurt for the whole feeding or longer than a few days. If pain persists, seek help! Most of
the time the solution is simply a matter of adjusting your latching technique.
But if that doesn’t help there are nifty little things called nipple shields to help you
to get past the soreness.


If you didn’t think your breast could be this big, or feel this hard, don’t worry, they
will settle down after the first few days.Choose a really soft stretchy nursing bra for this period of time – you’ll be glad you did!

Listen to your instincts…..

If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, nap. If you’re too tired to welcome visitors, defer.
In other words, it’s essential to take care of yourself as well as your baby in thee first
few weeks – you are doing important work!


By about 6 weeks, you will settle into a routine. Life will feel more normal again, your
breasts will look more normal and suddenly, your family is the new normal!

But most of all just remember, mastering breastfeeding takes time. Give yourself and your baby enough time to adjust, to learn and relax …. and fall in love….

How do maternity and nursing bra cup sizes work?


HELP! If a 34D is a slightly loose on the band but fine on the cup, what do I try next a 32D or a 32 E???

I’ve had this type of questions quite a few times over the last week or so, so I thought I’d go through UK bra sizing and how it works (or doesn’t!)

Well, lets start with what that 32 and 34 actually mean. When I first started fitting it though it referred to the actual size of the band of the bra around your ribcage. Obviously this isn’t quite correct, but it can be used as a guide. The bigger this number gets the wider the measurement around your ribcage just under your breasts, but the conversion is more like this:

You measure around your ribcage:
27-28 inches – Your band size will be 32 inches
29-30 inches – You band size will be 34 inches

Band Size – Measure around your ribcage in inches, then add 4 (called the Underbust +4 method) to get this

Cup size is a whole different matter, and widely different bras can have the same cup volume. We all know by common sense that someone boasting of a 36DD is going to have more breast volume than someone who has a 30DD, but why are the both called DD then? It’s because the cup letter only lets you know the difference between the underbust measurement and the full bust measurement. The result of this is that you get sister sizes – different band meaasurements but exactly the same cup volume…….

So these all have the same cup volume: 30F, 32E, 34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B
and so do these : 30D, 32C, 34B, 36A. Imagine being a 36A all your life and not knowing you breasts are actually the same size as a 30D !!!

And that’s where adjusting band sizes and cup together can get you a better fit of bra, because while cup volume isn’t adjustable on most bras, nearly all bra have band adjustments.

So if we’re considering the problem above where someone trying a 34D has a band that’s slightly loose but fine on the cup and they want to get a better fit, they should first try a 32E, because by going down a band size you need to increase the cup size to ensure the cup volume stays the same……

What about if the band is too tight but the cup is OK? Well use the same rule of thumb and when you go up a band size, decrease the cup size to compensate.

And if the band is OK and the cup doesn’t fit, just keep the band size steady and go up one cup at a time until your breast is fully enclosed by the cup, it doesn’t ride up and it doesn’t double boob.

I hope this makes sense and bras are no longer a mystery. Only men could invent such a complicated system……anyway you can find loads more tips on maternity and nursing bra fitting on the website :

Emma Jane 361 maternity and nursing bra review


I thought’d I’d kick off Monday morning with a look at the ‘New Generation’ seamless 361 nursing bra from Emma-Jane. We’ve stocked Emma Jane right back since we started in 2001 and they have been a mainstay of our range, because they really do understand the fitting requirements. A couple of years ago they launched the ‘New Generation’ range and since then these bras have been going from strength to strength and have diversified into a padded version (365) and a sleep version (342)

361 maternity and nursing bra

Emma Jane 361 maternity and nursing bra

The first point about these bras is their superb quality. We sell hundreds and hundreds of these 361 bras and I can honestly count on two fingers the returns we have had due to a quality issue. Maternity and nursing bras have to put up with a fantastic amount of washing and general use compared with normal bras and these more than hold their own.

But, as always it’s the fit that really defines an Emma Jane Nursing Bra. the B-F fits relies on the superb knitting technology that goes into the bra. There has to be a huge level of stretch to allow for a B to F cup stretch, which this bra can do easily. This is in contrast to a lot of the cheaper range of seamless bras available  where the fabric isn’t really up to the job and when stretched through to the larger cup sizes, the fabric loses it’s support and becomes too thin.

The Emma Jane is a dual purpose bra – which means it can fit you through pregnancy AND breast feeding. For breastfeeding it has very flat almost invisible clips and support straps, so it is easy to access, and the stretch in the cup allows you to pull it down and still get support from the bottom of the cup and the under-bust band.

breast-feeding access

Emma Jane 361 bra open for breast-feeding access

In the photo above you can see the bra worn by a model with a much larger cup size compared to the first photo where our model was a 32 C. From this you can see the level of support this bra is achieving even at larger sizes.

If you’re on a tight budget, I would wholeheartedly recommend a 361 or 365 maternity and nursing bra as part of your nursing wardrobe. (specialist fitter)


Breast feeding rates in some parts of the UK are a concern

Hi all,

Just reading online today about the latest breast feeding figures from the NHS – generally they look pretty impressive, but there’s a huge variation between areas, which show there’s still lots of room of improvement in some places (Stoke-on-Trent had only 36% ‘initiation’ of breast feeding). This is probably due to the amount of help new mums get immediately after the baby is born – it’s all too easy to give up when you don’t know how to do it properly, your mum can’t help you because she never did it, and you’ve got a screaming baby on your hands! I also think some mums just think it’s too much hassle, when the truth is, it’s so much LESS hassle that sorting out sterilised bottles 24/7. So congrats to all the breast feeding counsellors, midwives, and health professionals for the great work they are doing is getting the UK breast feeding. Let’s hope the press release of these figures help  to get more funding or resources to the ground in Stoke-on-Trent and other areas where breast feeding is much lower – so they can give the same best start to their babies too.

Jungle Rose Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra on CLEARANCE today

Hi everyone,

After a slip-up on our ordering a couple of weeks ago we’ve ended up with 2 Body Silk Seamless Nursing bras in the lovely Jungle Rose. We don’t normally stock this so we’re offering them at a discount to customers on 1st come 1st served basis – we just have 1 small and 1 xlarge at £19.99, so be quick!

Seamless Junge Berry Crop_tn